Unlike being in class or in an enthusiasts’ group, creating alone means critiquing alone. There is so much information available demonstrating where you might be going wrong, yet assessing your own work still feels overwhelming. This follow-up title to the bestselling Art Fundamentals (2nd edition) provides the knowledge, framework, and solutions needed to critique and improve your own work.

Experts reveal how the fundamentals can go wrong and how to spot problems in one’s own work. They not only explain how to improve an image, but also how to assess if the revised version is successful. To improve beyond the fundamentals and make truly memorable images, subjects such as infusing your work with emotion, mood, and storytelling are also explored. Learn about the self-improvement journeys of professional artists as they critique their own work and remake old portfolio pieces in in-depth tutorial case studies.

This is a book to keep by your side while drawing and painting, allowing you to continually critique, fix, and improve your skills and take your art to the next level.

Softback 288 pages  |  Dimensions: 297mm x 210mm  |  ISBN: 978-1-912843-37-4


Cover images available to download here.