Inside issue 05 is a host of extraordinary character designers including Kun Vic and Paul Schoeni, who share the secrets of their successful careers. John Loren illuminates the subject of lighting, while Dung Ho leads a fast and effective warm-up exercise. Tutorials packed with practical ways to improve your character design include Guilherme Franco’s guide to depicting fury with impact, James A. Castillo’s engaging circus troupe, and Alexandra Frantseva’s multi-genre ninja-warrier concept. Ester Conceicao deals with anthropomorphism, while Kévin Roualland reveals how to develop an authentic fantasy character. Plus, Beatrice Blue’s enchanting cover design is broken down to show how she tells a story within a single scene!

Softback 104 pages  |  Dimensions: 210mm x 270mm  |  ISBN: 978-1-909414-69-3


Cover images available to download here.