The Art of Atomhawk Design: Volume 1 is an exceptional collection of concept art from up-and-coming studio Atomhawk Design, ranging from characters and vehicles to environments and action scenes.

Founded in 2009, Atomhawk Design has quickly developed a reputation for delivering exceptional concept art for the film, games and online industries. Boasting some of the most talented and cutting-edge artists in the industry, this young company has now teamed up with 3DTotal to bring together a collection of artworks that represent the very pinnacle of their work. The Art of Atomhawk Design: Volume 1 offers up sketches and work-in-progress images from some of Atomhawk Design’s most successful projects, along with a selection of inspirational personal pieces from individual artists.

Hardback 192 pages  |  Dimensions: 288mm x 216mm  |  ISBN: 978-0-9551530-2-0


Cover images available to download here.