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Submissions guidelines - NOW OPEN!
Deadline 25 November 2013


How to submit images:

How to submit! Once you’ve read through these guidelines and you are confident that your image(s) all comply (if you’re unsure about any of your images, please email Emalee at [email protected] for help and advice before submitting), then you are ready to submit!

Please save your image(s) for submission at 72dpi screen resolution, at approximately 2,000 pixels in the longest dimension and attach your image(s) to a new email. Please do not zip your images – simply attach them individually to your email. If you wish to send more than one submission, you can send multiple emails to limit the file size of each email.

For each image you submit, you must provide the following information:

Your name, spelt as you would want it to be published

Email address:
Please make sure you give one that you use regularly!

If you have one - otherwise a portfolio site will do

Image title:
The title of your image, as you would want it to be published

Copyrights owner:
If you’re not the copyright owner, do you have permissions for the image to be published in DAMv9? If not, please get clearance/permissions before you submit (see Image copyrights above)

Year of creation:
The year your image was made

Final image resolution in pixels at 300dpi:
Please give the resolution of the high-res version that will be available for print

Software used to create the image:
Please list the tools used - ie 3ds Max, Photoshop...

Brief description of image:
Tell us about the image – background info, inspiration, etc – the more, the better!

No. of WIP images (Work-In-Progress) available:
How many WIP images do you have available (or can you get) for your submitted image?

When you’re happy that your image(s) complies with all the submission guidelines and your image(s) is attached to your email, please email your submission(s) to [email protected].

The deadline for submissions is: Monday 25 November 2013, 11:59PM GMT. Images submitted after this date and time will not be eligible to go through to the judging stage.

We will reply to confirm receipt of your submission. Judging will take place between 2-6 December and we will contact all artists with information as soon as we can. Please note that there may be delays with these replies as the judging stage can sometimes take longer than expected, depending on the final number of submissions received. We may also choose to make enquiries with artists in the final selection should we have any uncertainties, which may lead to further delays. When we have our final selection confirmed all artists will then be contacted. Please try to be patient during this period.

If you're chosen...:

If you are selected by the judges, you will need to meet a deadline to submit your images and 'project overview'-style article. All images which are chosen to be part of the next Digital Art Masters book require an article; you will be given a deadline of about one month starting from 9 December, with the final deadline of 9 January 2014


3dtotal announces its call for artists to submit their latest top-quality digital images for consideration of inclusion in the next release of the Digital Art Masters book series.

It's that time of year again! If you are an artist working in 2D and/or 3D digital imagery, you could be one of the lucky 50 artists to have your work published in the next Digital Art Masters book: Volume 9.

It is free to submit to Digital Art Masters: Volume 9. Every artist featured will receive 2 hardcover copies of the book plus an 11-inch resin male anatomy reference figure, shipped completely free of charge. This package is worth over £120 in total - as well as the priceless recognition that comes with being published in such a highly regarded book series. Every artist featured in Digital Art Masters: Volume 9 will receive 2 hardcover copies of the book plus an 11-inch male anatomy reference figure!

To help you submit, we have created a handy checklist to make the submission process as easy as possible. We do not limit the number of entries, so you are welcome to submit as many as you like. However, we do advise that you think carefully about your submissions to ensure that you submit your very best work. Any submissions that do not follow the guidelines on this page will not go through to the judging stage.

Please pay close attention to the submission guidelines that follow...

Image copyrights:

Do you own the copyrights, or can you get copyright clearance from your client/company before you submit? [click to read more]

Original artwork only:

Is your artwork an original creation that has been created exclusively by yourself and of your own concept? [click to read more]

Image specifications: Image sizes:

Is your image of the desired size for print in DAMv9? [click to read more]

Project overview article:

Do you have WIP images showing the stages of creation of your artwork? [click to read more]

Sample Chapters:
Please click to download the sample chapters below to get an idea of how to create your project overview article.

  Latest Releases - Click on the below images for more information about the individual books
  Art Fundamentals
ISBN: 978-1-90941400-6 | Pages: 272
  Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 5
ISBN: 978-1-90941401-3| Pages: 288
  Sketching from the imagination
ISBN: 978-1-90941402-0 | Pages: 320
A back-to-basics look at the fundamental concepts, conventions and theory that should be considered when creating art.
  Celebrating its fifth year, Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 5 continues to present the latest digital painting trends and techniques...
  An exclusive selection of awe-inspiring concept designs and sketches from some of the world's most talented artists.  
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