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Graphite issue 06

ISBN: 978-1-909414-52-5 | Pages: 104 | Release Date: January 2018

GRAPHITE is a quarterly publication featuring inspirational artwork, interviews and tutorials on drawing, sketching and illustration. Issue 06 features a cover and interview by Jason Lee, an interview with Christian Reiske, and tutorials on character design, sketching on location, drawing dinosaurs, sci-fi illustration, folklore-inspired watercolors, and more, by the talented artists Jordan K. Walker, Giselle Ukardi, Anaïs Maamar, Daniel Pagans, Ulla Thynell, and Dwayne Bell. GRAPHITE’s focus on traditional media, elegant presentation, and in-depth resources make it a timelessly valuable addition to any art lover’s shelf.


The Sketchbook of Loish

ISBN: 978-1-909414-54-9 | Pages: 152 | Release Date: March 2018 | Click here to pre-order this title

The Sketchbook of Loish is the second published book by digital artist Loish (Lois van Baarle) after it was successfully funded on Kickstarter in four minutes. Showcasing a wide range of her traditional and digital sketches, this book features exclusive artwork, both old and new, by Loish, ranging from character sketches to environmental speed paints. Offering insight into Loish’s creative process, her digital workflow and her techniques, and with expert tips and tutorials, this book will suit both beginners and more experienced artists alike, as well as all admirers of Loish’s work.