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The Artist’s Guide to the Anatomy
of the Human Head

ISBN: 978-1-909414-45-7 | Pages: 232 | Release Date: June 2017

The Artist’s Guide to the Anatomy of the Human Head is an essential reference guide designed to help you not only understand anatomical forms and features but also to learn how to accurately and effectively portray emotion in any character-based artwork.


Graphite issue 04

ISBN: 978-1-909414-46-4 | Pages: 104 | Release Date: July 2017

GRAPHITE is a quarterly publication featuring inspirational artwork, interviews and tutorials on drawing, sketching and illustration. Issue 04 features a cover and interview by the respected creative duo CreatureBox, and educational articles by Richard Anderson, Isabella Mazzanti, Eduardo Vieira and more, covering subjects such as creature design, illustration, urban sketching, sci-fi vehicles and inking techniques. GRAPHITE’s focus on traditional media, elegant presentation, and in-depth resources make it a timelessly valuable addition to any art lover’s shelf.